So the other day , I went to buy some vegetables from the street side vendors ( Reliance Fresh is my first choice almost always, SPOILT by this retail revolution!). Right outside the store, I spotted a family of 5 (mother, father, 3 kids;2 daughters ,1 son). They were sitting comfortably on the pavement eating their humble meal and having a spread of some farm fresh produce to earn their evening meal. I stopped by to buy some juicy and rosy red tomatoes. While the other members of this family were busy with their meals, the small-big son (around 7-8 year old) came ahead with the weighing scale. I asked him the price for a few veggies ( the Indian Woman in me awakened now to get into a negotiation mode), opened my mouth to get a steal deal from the kiddo but then the message doing rounds on Watsapp and FB flashed quickly before me; DON'T Bargain with these poor people ;they earn just for a living and not to make a castle (unlike the owners of Reliance Fresh!). OK. Guards down.... […]