MIKO at Tictactoe
Miko is a personal social companion robot that has inbuilt capability to support and teach the children of Tictactoe.
Child-centric profiling
Students entering kindergarten bring varied life experiences, social skills, and characteristics of physical and intellectual development.
Learning at Tictactoe
Tictactoe follows a comprehensive approach to educate and enrich the child.Following from the inputs of celebrated child Psychologists like...

Welcome to Tictactoe- an initiative by Kolte Patil Group !

The main purpose of our preschool program is to give our children a positive learning experience. We believe that a child thrives and grows in all aspects when they are in a faith- filled, loving, nurturing environment. We feel that developing a child’s self confidence by positive reinforcement and actions is the best approach. As we understand and appreciate the overall holistic growth and development of the children, our Preschool Program integrates five specific areas: physical, emotional, social, lingual and cognitive.

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Our center provides the following services:


Lower KG

Play Group

Upper KG


Day Care

Early child care education

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