Robotics & AI assisted learning for grades 1-5

Covid-19 has pushed people into homes and forced the world to come to a standstill. The development of young minds,however, cannot be put on hold. In times most challenging to humanity, Anisha Global wants to ensure that quality education never takes a backseat.

With this thought, we join hands with Miko through the Artificial Intelligence educational robot, Miko 2 to ensure engaged learning & real time exams.

While our students are home, parents are exploring various ways to keep them productively engaged. Come next week, MIKO 2 will visit our students at their homes allowing them to have various fun- filled activities & facilitate remote learning & assessments-powered by our content team.

These Miko 2 robots will be provided to students appearing for their exams remotely through computers. With preparing kids through revisions & quizzes prior to exams to invigilating tests, Miko 2 pushes its abilities to new applications in the field of Robotics & Deep Tech. Miko 2 will be equipped to revise with students, lighten the pressure of exams through contextual conversations & ensure that the sanctity of examinations is upheld.

This is our attempt at fighting back because the doors of schools can be closed but education finds a way.