Anisha conducted its orientation session for grade 11/ AS Level yesterday in remote environment.

The speakers were Franco Orsucci- Visiting Professor, Psychology, University College of London and Professor,Nicolo Cusano University;Mike Bradley-a well recognised Global business strategist with expertise in JVs and mergers and acquisitions and Nicoletta Sala-an expert in IT and electronics with teaching experience in the University of Lugano, Switzerland and the University of Insubria, Italy.

Franco mentioned about new trends in education, their roots, cognitive neuroscience, interdisciplinary knowledge, team work.Mike Bradley illustrated the importance of envision ,endearment and endeavour (3Es) in life and how one can face challenges ahead. Nicoletta Sala emphasised on the importance of technology and how the future will unfold with robotics, AI and automation.

Such an enlightening session it has been for all of us including the students, parents and the teachers. Thanks Franco, Mike and Nicoletta for all support, encouragement and motivation! #education #schools #anishaglobal #KPDL #cbse #cambridgeuniversity #microsoftteams #microsoftshowcaseschools