We were on Radio! Learning continues @Anisha Global School

As we navigate through the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been doing all that we can to support our students & stakeholders and stand committed to our resolution of learning continuity and students engagement.Over the past two weeks,members of Anisha Global School ( K-12 ) and RUBIKA (Design School) have risen to the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 Pandemic with remarkable dedication, commitment & creativity.

Will be sharing our experience of operating in a remote learning environment during these unsettling times this morning with RJ Sangram on 95 BIG FM (Pune)& 92.7 BIG FM (Ahmednagar, Aurangabad,Solapur ,Kolhapur).

Our core mission at this hour of crisis is to commit to learning continuity & students engagement.They must remain healthy & creatively occupied.Our students have produced tremendous resolve in this shared vision.

While technology matters, it would not be possible without the system thinking & sincere commitment produced by our team members (teaching & non-teaching), students active participation & parents support.THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Hope & pray for everyone’s good health, happiness & peace!May the planet be filled with smiles, joy & goodness & get rid of COVID-19 really soon.