Give me some sunshine, give me some rain…

Type- Personal experience

Learning- Let children grow and learn by making mistakes

So the other day , I went to buy some vegetables from the street side vendors ( Reliance Fresh is my first choice almost always, SPOILT by this retail revolution!). Right outside the store, I spotted a family of 5 (mother, father, 3 kids;2 daughters ,1 son). They were sitting comfortably on the pavement eating their humble meal and having a spread of some farm fresh produce to earn their evening meal. I stopped by to buy some juicy and rosy red tomatoes. While the other members of this family were busy with their meals, the small-big son (around 7-8 year old) came ahead with the weighing scale. I asked him the price for a few veggies ( the Indian Woman in me awakened now to get into a negotiation mode), opened my mouth to get a steal deal from the kiddo but then the message doing rounds on Watsapp and FB flashed quickly before me; DON'T Bargain with these poor people ;they earn just for a living and not to make a castle (unlike the owners of Reliance Fresh!). OK. Guards down. With guilt and without uttering a word, I quickly asked him for what all I wanted and moved on to the payment part. This little chap without battling an eyelid quickly summed up the amounts( not astronomical agreed but for a kid his age, i was stumped by his spontaneity). OK. I handed him a Gandhi note (half expecting him to crib and curse for the change he would need to tender and another round of calculation he would have to go through) , But this boy summed and subtracted the amounts like a pro! Fascinated, I was now watching him intently as i was sure that he would run to his father (still enjoying his half dry chapati)to tender change but i was in for yet another surprise when the kid, like any grown up adult dug into his shallow tattered pant pockets , appeared with a bunch of notes , quickly taking out the currencies that was needed to complete the transaction! I was aghast at this little one's sense of maturity and responsibility! Not once did he nag at his parents during this entire process!

On the flip side,as i was entering my my society (decently upmarket /higher middle/ upper class co-habitats) , i crossed a lady shouting instructions at her 12 year old to refrain him from cycling on the street that too inside the secure environment of the society (where else on earth is one supposed to cycle if not on the streets?that too within the society walls! ) The 12 year old was all worked up thanks to the constant nagging from the mother as well as feeling embarrassed as some girls his age were mocking at him in hush-hush voices (pre-teen syndrome!SIGH.)

A new residential project in Pune has a Skywalk being made from the buildings to the children's play area directly to ensure safety of children! When will these kids learn to defend and save themselves ?). All their queries are answered before they even open their mouths to ask something,yet they need all the Bournvitas and Horlicks available in the plush super markets to make them do a simple thing;THINK. All Abacus and Mind training classes run full house throughout the year so that our kids can learn 2+2 in a tongue twisted way ( the answer is always 4,sadly).

Life gives lessons that no class or tutor can impart. Let your kid fall and then get up on his own, he wont go that way again thanks to the experience. As the famous saying goes, Experience is the best teacher. Guiding your kid at every stage of his life is needed but being over protective and possessive will definitely do them permanent harm than any good.

Let them live, let them breathe , let them grow naturally; like a seed into a tree.