What's New
  • 05 MAR

    MASS Joins Anisha Global School to promote Robotics and AI learning.
  • 15 MAY

    MAAS announces its SHOWCASE SCHOOL programs for schools worldwide.
  • 22 MAY

    Mass collaborates with Alpha Omega Infosolution ,India and WAU,Italy to set up the GQC award and certification for School.
  • 2 JUN

    MASS to launch Masters in Architecture.
  • 12 JUN

    MASS at IEXS,Reggio Emilia
  • 10 JUL

    MASS to launch the Masters Program in Behavioural Economics,Neuro Business and Clinical Trials.
Welcome to Mayfair Academy Of Advanced Studies

Mayfair Academy of Advanced Studies (MAAS) is a network of Institutions and Experts of imminence aiming at maximising the societal impact and establishing synergies between education, research and business.

The scope of engagement includes the creative industries and emerging disciplines as follows:

  1. Neuroscience
  2. Design, Animation, Game
  3. AI, Robotics and Automation
  4. Economics and Business Management
  5. Fashion

MAAS will offer their services using VLE,VR and AR ,Galification, E-learning and M-Learning.